You can trust Triton



Triton leverages decades of marine experience to bring highly specialised marine training to the oil & gas and renewable energy industries.

Our marine operations team have developed specialist marine training allowing you or your team to participate in professional training courses in the comfort of a classroom, or your home or office, via our online web based training portal.

Triton in partnership with Pisys, provides specialised training supported by a high fidelity simulator. Pisys in-house designed simulator provides a visual representation of various marine assets, as you would see in the ‘real’ environment.

The simulator is a direct reflection of reality, without the potential risks encountered offshore.

Together with course material, the simulator, and highly experienced tutors, Triton brings high quality training to the industry, at a time when we are witnessing a reduction in expertise and key competencies.


Training Partners:



Captain Dzikowski MSc AFNI

Graduate of Szczecin Maritime University with a Master of Science (MSc) in Navigation and Sea Transport. 22 years as Master on various types of vessels, including the completion of 1000 pilotage operations as the Humber Port (UK) Pilot. Over 11 years in the offshore Oil & Gas business as Master of MPSV, Drill Ships, DSV’s and CSV’s. An AFNI accredited Master and an Associated Fellow of The Nautical Institute.


Captain Janiszewski MSc

Master Mariner with Full DP certification and a MSc in Marine technology, with over 15 years seagoing experience in the Oil & Gas and Marine industry. Experience includes assignments with major assets owners as well as small offshore contractors. An expert in Dynamic Positioning and DP Operations, with over 8000 logged DP hours. 50 projects completed covering: Well intervention, Diving, ROV, Subsea construction, W2W,Trenching and Heavy lift.


Captain Mazur MSc

Unlimited Master Mariner with 33 years of experience at sea, 18 years as Master, 14 of which were on DP 2 & 3 vessels. Experienced Marine Consultant, Specialist Marine Adviser, Marine Warranty Surveyor, Marine Superintendent, and new build Supervisor and Company Representative. An expert Marine Tutor in Dynamic Positioning and DP Operations.


Captain Holland AVI

Master Mariner and Marine Warranty Approved Tow Master with over 40 years’ experience in the marine industry. An accredited vessel inspector (eCMID) and keen safety specialist who thrives in a challenging productive environment to facilitate company objectives. Track record of completed over 140 Jack Up and Semi-Submersible rig relocations globally, and managing a further 400. An expert in Jacking operations, including recovery operations, covering both 3 and 4 legged assets.