You can trust Triton


Triton offers an extensive range of rig relocation services, supported by a team of highly skilled and competent Master Mariners, who are available to mobilise immediately.
Services associated with this scope includes:

  • Location specific review and approval during initial planning and preparation
  • Sourcing, investigation and identification of required mooring equipment
  • Company and client review off all rig relocation specific HIRA’s and procedures prior to approval and issue
  • Development of area specific rig relocation procedures and associated documentation
  • Client presentation of rig relocation procedures and associated documentation at project kick of meeting
  • Supply of competent Marine Tow Masters and Marine Representatives responsible for conducting the rig relocation and supervising the client’s assets
  • Pre-hire audits and inspections of marine support vessels
  • Supply of detailed rig relocation reports on completion of offshore rig relocation projects

At Triton, we recognise rig relocation and anchor handling operations to be one of the most hazardous and demanding marine operations in the offshore industry. Triton can provide highly trained specialist Marine Tow Masters and Marine Representatives to oversee and ensure that recovery and deployment operations are carried out in accordance with; client approved procedures, anchor handling manuals, industry standards, rig relocation procedures and vessel specific anchor handling studies.

Our Marine Tow Masters and Marine Representative will prepare a project summary report on completion of all offshore operations, presenting all findings, conclusions and recommendations to ensure continued safe operations and continuous improvement

In addition, Triton can supply experienced Marine Masters to sail as an observer without intrusion and report on the findings of the vessel for suitability and operational capability during a sailing visit whilst monitoring the competence of the vessel crew members.