You can trust Triton


Triton Marine division is focused on ensuring your marine operations run in the most efficient and effective manner, from pre-planning to execution. Working in partnership with your marine or project teams, we ensure the correct vessels, equipment and support personnel are selected based on a clearly definite scope of work.

Our team of specialists will view your marine project from the ‘top down’, ensuring equipment is ‘fit for purpose’.

To maximise the success of your project, we provide highly specialist marine personnel including:

  • Marine Technical Authorities
  • Jack Up Masters
  • Semi-Submersible Masters
  • Mooring Masters
  • Tow Masters
  • DP Specialists
  • AHTS Vessel Masters
  • PSV Vessel Masters
  • MPV Vessel Masters
Triton has the ability to provide various marine specialists who are viewed are experts in their respective fields. Our mariners experience ranges from 20 – 40 years, during which time they have acted as marine, advisors and specialist tutors.