You can trust Triton


Triton has a proven track record of supporting clients on high value decommissioning projects, from pre-planning through to offshore execution and delivery. Our team provides targeted consultancy developing specialised decommissioning methodologies on your behalf, for peer and operational review. These methodologies and procedures then form part of your overall project execution plan, ensuring the nominated contractors follow proven, compliant and approved procedures.

Our specialist have experience in the decommissioning of fixed platforms, MODU’s and FPSO’s, and can assist with:

  • Port review and selection
  • Selection of specialised vessels
  • Selection of specialised equipment
  • Development of decommissioning methodologies
  • Development of decommissioning procedures
  • Management of HIRA’s & HAZID’s
  • Assessment of removal and recovery options
  • Logistical support including transportation and towage
  • Management of supply chain
  • Management of hazardous and environmental waste
  • Management of onshore waste facility
  • Supply of specialist offshore representatives
Triton has a holistic approach to decommissioning, ensuring key services, equipment and personnel are used in the most efficient and cost effective manner, ensuring your project is delivered in a safe manner, and within budget.